"The Original File Bar/File Rail Source"
About Problem Solver, Inc.
Problem Solver is proud to offer office furniture parts, office seating, file keys, wire shelving, file bars and much more while providing cost-saving solutions for furnishing all office interiors, businesses, healthcare providers, places of worship, foodservice, educational and governmental institutions as well as the general public.

Get the advantage with Problem Solver and our Wizard-Brand Products, keep your assets longer with replacement parts and keep our landfills clear. Our capabilities as a single-source provider of office furniture parts and related services allows you to leverage your total purchase dollars. This allows you to generate overall cost savings and enjoy the benefits of doing business with just one key supplier.

Problem Solver has been family-owned and operated for over 60 years and has been the leader in office furniture parts. We were the first to forego our very successful mail order catalog and put our offerings on the web back in 1995. Since then, we have had the strongest web presence in our industry, while maintaining the utmost, personal client attention, which is what our company was built on.

Our proud tradition started when our founder, Len Wiener, went door to door in 1955 to offices in New York City. He carried with him a briefcase full of sample parts, which were stored in his garage. From those humble beginnings, we have become the pioneers of the office furniture parts industry and along the way the torch has been passed to Len’s son, Robert.

With locations in Long Island, NY and Raleigh, NC, we continue to provide the utmost in customer service and professionalism. With the assistance of our wide range of supply warehouses located all across the United States, Problem Solver is capable of supporting our customers wherever they are located, both in the United States and abroad.

Our years of experience and friendly, professional staff know what it takes to manage the complexities of today’s hectic work and work-from-home environment. We look forward to answering your questions and serving you for years to come.

Problem Solved!